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Fun on Lake Vallecito

Every week we take time off from trail riding on the ranch to do some skiing, wakeboarding, and tubing on the lake. Our British teens were in for some wet and wild adventures out on the lake today!

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Gene was up for some fun too... At least I think that is what this look means!crazygene resized 600Anna was first up on the skis- she was a little bit nervous at first (LOL), but soon found her stride and stayed up a really long time!describe the imageIMG 1950 resized 600

IMG 1955 resized 600


annaski resized 600



allyski resized 600







Elly was the next to have a go- she tried valiantly!

describe the image







 Alex tried wakeboarding, and tried again... 

IMG 1967 resized 600


dude ranching, fun, wakeboarding



Next came tubing!  Anna and I went first, and we thought we had a good plan for going on the tube together. We lined ourselves up on the back of the boat, counted to three, and tried to sit back onto the tube together.  Instead, we both sat back a bit too far, and flipped head over heels backwards into the water.  I was laughing so hard I couldn't get back into the boat!tubeflip resized 600

Soooo we decided going separately was a better idea!  Anna held on like a champ!  She was shot out of the wake more times than I can count, but had some sort of wonder woman grip on the tube!

wakeshot resized 600

describe the image









The other Anna went with Elly on the tube- they were very inventive and even rode backwards!  Not to be outdone, the boys, including our own Gary Cassens, tried going backwards... I'm pretty sure that when Gary launched out of the tube he was a foot and a half out of the water UPSIDEDOWN with his legs flailing in the air like he was doing the running man!

IMG 1994 resized 600

IMG 1992 resized 600


IMG 1995 resized 600

I think our boat driver was having a bit too much fun!

IMG 1983 resized 600


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