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Memorable Family Vacation Kicks Off the Summer

Posted on Sun, Jun 05, 2011

Our first week open was an eventful one.  We had several amazing guests and one amazing family.  The Crandall family chose to make Wilderness Trails their site for a Western adventure: all twelve of them.   I was excited to finally have people taller than my 5'11," and as they walked in, I was gleefully wondering which beanstalk they climbed down from. Initially, the wranglers were a bit nervous when one of their sons wanted to become "the man from snowy river," but it turned out to be a wonderful week.  There were all day rides, trips to the lake, ziplining, rafting, and even just swapping stories around the campfires was such a great time.

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When they left, it felt like saying good-bye to family.  Matriarch Teri Crandall expressed this sentiment that got me all choked up:

Words cannot express the wonderful time I had at Wilderness Trails!!!!!! You treated us like family and your enthusiasm and sweet personality made me feel right at home!!! I loved sharing your " getting back in the saddle moment" that was priceless!!!!! I know your family was elated to see the video!!!! I hope you are enjoying this weeks folks. We came home to scorching heat and humidity. Ukk!! I mowed yard and worked in my garden all day today and it was HOT!!!! I will have to learn to put pics on here!!!! Take care and God Bless You!!!! I miss your sweet smile!!!!!! You are welcome here anytime!!!!! Your friend, Teri Crandall

Here is hoping for a summer full of guests like this weeks!

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