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From My Side of the Fence

By, Jan Roberts

"Who was that masked man?  The Lone Ranger rides again!"

Some of us still  remember those lines from the earlier days of western movies, and especially recall "The Lone Ranger" and his faithful companion, "Tonto."

 As I child, I would walk to the local theater in the small town where I was raised, pay my 12 cents, buy a box of Juji Fruits and slide into a world of horses, cowboys and the "bad guys."  I captured this fantasy weekly, and my love for horses was instilled into my mind forever.  Roy Rogers, Gene Autrey, Hopalong Cassidy, Rex Allen and the Cisco Kid were inspirations for this Minnesota gal, and I honestly feel that they were the reason I decided to move west.

Western movies have been relatively absent since the days of "City Slickers," "Three Amigos",  "Blazing Saddles" and the John Wayne pictures.  They have been replaced with the new generation of films that use more animation, special effects,  3-D, and technology that were unknown in my days of "going to the movies."  We actually called it, "going to a show" and for me, that is what  transpired on that small screen.  The "shows" were an escape from my little corner of the north country.  The mountains and deserts beckoned to me......." come explore new adventures in this unknown territory." 

Therefore, I did venture into another world---I had never been to the mountains of Colorado, or the mountains of anywhere, other than a train ride when I was 13, from Minnesota, through North Dakota, into Montana (I did see the mountains in Glacier National Park, but only at a distance), Idaho, Washington (we went through the mountains there at night), Oregon and California.  Mount Shasta (California) still holds a special place in my travel memories.

But within those special moments,  I didn't have the opportunity to touch, feel, explore and experience the grandeur in which we now call "home."  How fortunate and blessed we truly are!  The mountains which surround Wilderness Trails Ranch and our little corner of southwestern Colorado, are enchanting and compelling, just as they were on the screen at the Rapids theatre.

 Incidentally,  I cannot wait to see Johnny Depp in a starring role (a lot of women feel the same!) when it hits the screen!  And some of the locals here in Durango may be spotted among the "extras" as a "casting call" was held here recently.  Word is, the movie will be staged in Colorado, New Mexico and Utah.

Cheers to the producers, directors, actors and all who will be involved in the making of this movie!  I anticipate again, seeing the Lone Ranger on Silver, Tonto on Scout,  and other magnificent horses race into the corners of my mind once more!

"Hi Ho Silver....Away!"

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