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Should We Trust American Airlines?

Posted on Fri, Mar 30, 2012

American airlines has listed daily flight service between Durango and Dallas, however should we trust them? 

The flight times are perfect for our ranch stay.  The cost is fair, approximately $350 round-trip.

So why are we distrustful?

Here's the catch...each year they give us these flights and then take them away midsummer. This means our guests end up missing flights, need to be rerouted and many times show up very late or the next day at WTR- definitely not how we want our guests to start their vacation with us!

Durango is served by United and Frontier Airlines with service through Denver and has been the most consistent with pricing and number of flights offered.  US Airways gives us 2-3 flights daily with service through Phoenix and has been consistent for the last several years. 

So we are asking folks to let us know what you think.

Would you recommend American Airlines?




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