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The Roberts family and their staff have invited guests to share a week of western heritage and hospitality for over 42 years. 

The Roberts family and WTR staff are recognized for their dedication to excellence and providing exceptional dude ranch vacations. 

From spectacular riding or working cattle in the high-country to spa treatments and gourmet cuisine, WTR has something for every guest, whether seeking adventure or pure rest & relaxation.

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Happy Thanksgiving | Chef Jake's Scallop Potatoes

happy thanksgiving from wilderness trailsWe would like to wish you and your loved ones a very Happy Thanksgiving!  We are so grateful for the wonderful friends we have made & memories that we have shared for over 43 years at Wilderness Trails. 

This past summer, one of Chef Jake's most memorable culinary creations were his Scallop Potatoes. 

We had requests for not only seconds, but third and fourth(!) servings - even from the gals - who kept saying, "I should not have any more but these are SO good!"

We are thankful for Chef Jake and his willingness to share his special recipes, especially to those of us who are still trying to decide what to make for our splendid side dish on this day of Thanks. 

Scallop Potatoes
Courtesy of WTR Chef Jake Asmussen

Servings = 6
Suggested Pan Size = 8x8x2
  • 1.5 pounds Russet or large Baby Red potatoes, sliced as thin as possible (a mandoline or food processor is recommended)
  • 1 pint heavy table cream
  • 3-4 garlic cloves, minced
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • 1.5 cups shredded cheese of your choice, Chef Jake recommends cheddar and asiago
  • 1/2 cup melted butter
Soak potatoes in salt water for 20 minutes.  Note: 1 gallon of water per 2 teaspoons salt
Brush the pan with butter
Build layers (4-5) with potatoes, cream, S&P and minced garlic (fill cream to potatoes level only) 
Top with shredded cheese and fill edges and pan with rest of cream. 
Add S&P to taste
Wrap top in foil
Bake at 350 degrees, check after 45 minutes
Casserole is finished when the toothpick will slide easily to the bottom of the pan
Do not overcook
Leave foil on casserole and let sit for 15 minutes
Score, serve, & enjoy when hot! 

Happy Thanksgiving from the Roberts family
& our Posse at Wilderness Trails Ranch

What to name the Foal... Ask the WTR Kiddo's!

All our WTR kiddos!

As many of you remember we collected suggestions to name our filly (baby girl horse).  

She was such a cutie running around the front pasture, getting all the attention and hanging out with Pepper, Piper, Chica and her mom!

By the way to clarify a foal is a baby horse, a filly is a girl and a colt is a boy! 

Anyway we had such a darn hard time trying to pick a name for this cutie!  So, we came up with a plan!  

We thought to ourselves, what can we do?  Oh cool, we'll get our friends and guests involved! 

We narrowed it down to "children's entries only" (our WTR kiddos) and then put them in a hat and pulled out 14 names.  

Here is where we need your help.  Now until November 30th, we would like for you to email, facebook or call with your vote on the name to choose from the list below.  That name with the most votes will win and we will crown our little girl (now not so little) with her new name. 

We will announce the name the foal on December 2nd, 2012!

Names pulled from the hat (Gene's hat of course!) are:

Cora Gaelic, Wild Flower, Chica, Raven,  Moonbeam, Shadow, Pina (pronounced pine-a), Cocoa, Kitten, Sunshine, Lae-Lee, Maddie, Chloe and Dixie Doodle

So there you have it.  Please email, fax,  phone or facebook and let us know your vote! 

Of course children are encouraged to participate in this event!  So what shall her name be?



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