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Horse-Riding Holidays are Great But Whose Feeding the Horses?

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THANKFULLY SPRING IS ARRIVING and horseback riding holidays are right around the corner.  Once again, the WTR 2011 season will be openning in June.  What you may not know is that winter at the ranch is a big job!  Did you ever wonder who feeds the WTR horses during the months aware from the ranch?

Check out the picture above where Paul, Roberts family farm foreman, and Jake the WTR chef team up to re-fuel the heard.  The WTR family is always ready to switch "hats" and lend a hand.  You can also see the supervisor is keeping a watchful eye on the whole scene- Jade.  Can you tell which one Jade is in the picture?  Hint, she has four legs and fur and looks very much like an Australian Shepard ranch dog...

Jade is our very special ranch dog, owned by Jan and Gene Roberts.  As you can probably tell, Jade takes her jobs very seriously and knows she is a very important part of the WTR family! 

Jade is also very smart!  She not only feeds the horses every day, but is our "expert weather forecaster."  When it is about to rain, Jade will open the front door to the lodge, and come into the office.  Yep, she really opens doors!   

We hope everyone has the opportunity to meet Jade this summer!  She is an amazing and incredibly sweet dog. 

So, one more picture of Jade herding the horses away as Jake opens the gate and Paul manouvers the hay tractor into the paddock!  Wow- you go girl!  We love you Jade!  Jade clearing the gate

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