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The Roberts family and their staff have invited guests to share a week of western heritage and hospitality for over 42 years. 

The Roberts family and WTR staff are recognized for their dedication to excellence and providing exceptional dude ranch vacations. 

From spectacular riding or working cattle in the high-country to spa treatments and gourmet cuisine, WTR has something for every guest, whether seeking adventure or pure rest & relaxation.

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To Snow or not to Snow!

The snow started Fall 2011
It snowed - but didn't stick.  Now we have gorgeous sunshine throughout the days with cold nights!  We await the first big snowstorm of the year, but not too soon we still have a lot to do, to get ready for winter!

Want a "Peak" at the top of Middle Mountain?

First storm on middle mountain

The Colors are Coming, the Colors are Coming!

September at Wilderness Trails Ranch, located at the base of the largest wilderness region in the mainland USA and in the San Juan portion of the Rocky Mountains of SW Colorado.

Well, we started out a bit rainier than usual, but now we have our Indian Summer which brings lots of sunshine! Woo-hoo! Our days are in the 70's and evenings in the high 40's/low 50's. For this mountain girl it is just about perfect!!!

We are just about to close for the season (October 1) Boo-hoo! For those of you lucky enough to be here now, send us your fall color changing photos. For those who missed your chance at riding through the brilliant red and gold forest, or what some of us call "enchanted forest", we are sorry.

Book early so you too can see (a year from now) the stunning gold and red sparking through the sunlight! Please send your fall color changing photos!  Send them to We'd love to see who has captured the best fall picture!

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It's Natural! Since the Beginning of Time!

It’s natural

Birds do it, manatees do it, and yes retirees do it! Hmmmm.... they migrate that is!  Every year- spring and fall.

Humans, once-nomadic, don’t have to migrate anymore, but many of us still get restless in the changing of the seasons and follow our animal friends lead- the natural urge to pick up and follow good weather. 

WTR invites you to come join us and satisfy this nomadic impulse for good weather, great food, fun people, mountain ready horses, our perfect ranch amenities and the outstanding scenery of Southwest Colorado.

Ride off into the sunset or just sit and watch.  Come experience the wilderness as never before.  Call today for the latest packages or to just say hi- we'll let you know how the migration is going!

Call us toll free at (800) 52-Ranch.

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