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The Roberts family and their staff have invited guests to share a week of western heritage and hospitality for over 42 years. 

The Roberts family and WTR staff are recognized for their dedication to excellence and providing exceptional dude ranch vacations. 

From spectacular riding or working cattle in the high-country to spa treatments and gourmet cuisine, WTR has something for every guest, whether seeking adventure or pure rest & relaxation.

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Horses With A Hitch In Their Giddy-Up

Have you ever had a sore back?  Not fun right?  You can probably imagine that ranch horses get them too, since their back is our seat.  You've heard the phrase: "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." Well, Wilderness Trails teaches riders that when they mount up they need to try to put themselves on a level with the horse's back.  Whether it is using a log, a rock, or a fence- we try to elevate ourselves to make it easier on the horse's back when we mount up.  Still, there are horses that can get sore from time to time. When we have a horse that seems tender we call in a horse chiropractor.  It was amazing to watch Chiropractor Clay work!  In the picture below he was working on our horse Ember.  Some of the things he did may appear to be painful- but as we watched Ember he started licking and chewing after the chiropractor was done- which is a horse's way of saying: "That feels gooooood!"  Ember's attitude even changed!  He was less cranky and was moving better.   It was a really neat thing to see, and not something you get to see everyday!

Stacey Mock

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