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The Roberts family and their staff have invited guests to share a week of western heritage and hospitality for over 42 years. 

The Roberts family and WTR staff are recognized for their dedication to excellence and providing exceptional dude ranch vacations. 

From spectacular riding or working cattle in the high-country to spa treatments and gourmet cuisine, WTR has something for every guest, whether seeking adventure or pure rest & relaxation.

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Dude Ranch Cattle Driving

dude ranch vacation, fun, cattle drive, activities

The guests pushed cattle like pros on the ranch this week!  It was truly a joy riding with them.  We had a variety of riding abilities, from veterans like Patrick and Evelyn to newbies like Robert and John- it was truly impressive to see how well they got the cows MOOving.  We were all over the mountainside, riding through the meadows, and crossing over creeks- but not one cow did we lose. 

It was a good time with great guests!  Come back and see us again!

Thank you to 1881 Western Photography Co. for the wonderful pictures!

dude ranch vacation, horse back riding, cattle drive, fun, activities




Dude Ranch 4th of July!

We had a great time this July 4th here on the ranch!

The fun started out with an invocation from our guest Steven- thanking God, and the soldiers that made the 4th possible.

   dude ranch vacations on the 4th of July

dude ranch vacations on the 4th of JulyOur multi-talented staff demonstrated one of the events: the three-legged race!


The kids had a watermelon eating contest- and Gigi and kid's counselor Eryn won!

dude ranch vacations on the 4th of July

Watermelon eating contestants Julia & Shiloh had a great time!

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Other activities included: an egg toss, sack race, and an EPIC water balloon/squirt gun fight!

All of this was followed by a cookout and fireworks at Lake Vallecito!

                     We had a blast!  Hope you can join us next year!

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Family Fun at Dance Night

dude ranch, dance, kids, fun, familyThere is a lot of fun to be had at our Thursday night dude ranch vacation dancing resized 600dance!  We have live music, line dancing, and more!  This week the kids had such a great time kids' counselor Kani had to drag them off the dance floor!

Just kidding! This was a game Roberts' grandchild Aksel started.... not sure WHY it was so much fun for the kids, but they were all laughing hysterically and having a blast. :-)

The music was so good, that even Terry M. got up to dance - for the first time in 20 years!?! Look at that smile!

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Dude Ranching Wildness: Dainty Reins - Flavio = No Poultry

We surely had the wildest dude ranch in the West this week!  Fun guests all around!  There were a few questionable gentlemen characters though....

Flavio "Dainty  Reins," "Twinkle Toes/The Move" entertained us with his harmonica, aaaand also tried to convince us that his purse was really a "man bag"- getting the WTR brand did make it MUCH manlier...

dude ranch, campfire

dude ranch, fun, campfire





Then there was Cliff, the "Junk Man," who was so into the dancing (INCLUDING Zumba) that he ripped his pants right down the business line!

dude ranch, line dance, square dance, fun  dude ranch, fun, good times


Cowboys, thank you for the laughs and memories!  Come back and see us again soon!




Stallion Dance by Claude Steelman

Stallion Dance by Steelman(1)

Claude Steelman, renowned nature photographer and artist went to "Disappointment Valley" last weekend and photographed some wild stallions fighting.  This is one of his favorite pictures.  As you can see, Claude is an incredibly talented photographer!  

Claude has presented his work at the ranch during our Enrichment Series evenings, where we feature local artists and experts in fields like nature studies, geology and personal development. 

The ranch has Claude Steelman photo books in our WTR Trading Post, including the heirloom quality coffee table book "Colorado Horses". 

We are very fortunate to have Claude as a neighbor and enjoy sharing his expertise and photographic work.

Claude recently opened a Gallery on Durango's Main Street in the historic downtown district.  Tomorrow night, May 11 is the spring "Gallery Walk".  Please stop by to see his work in person and say hello to Claude!

WTR supports the work of Wild Mustangs and encourages others to support their efforts to better understand the American Mustang.

Horse-Riding Holidays are Great But Whose Feeding the Horses?

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THANKFULLY SPRING IS ARRIVING and horseback riding holidays are right around the corner.  Once again, the WTR 2011 season will be openning in June.  What you may not know is that winter at the ranch is a big job!  Did you ever wonder who feeds the WTR horses during the months aware from the ranch?

Check out the picture above where Paul, Roberts family farm foreman, and Jake the WTR chef team up to re-fuel the heard.  The WTR family is always ready to switch "hats" and lend a hand.  You can also see the supervisor is keeping a watchful eye on the whole scene- Jade.  Can you tell which one Jade is in the picture?  Hint, she has four legs and fur and looks very much like an Australian Shepard ranch dog...

Jade is our very special ranch dog, owned by Jan and Gene Roberts.  As you can probably tell, Jade takes her jobs very seriously and knows she is a very important part of the WTR family! 

Jade is also very smart!  She not only feeds the horses every day, but is our "expert weather forecaster."  When it is about to rain, Jade will open the front door to the lodge, and come into the office.  Yep, she really opens doors!   

We hope everyone has the opportunity to meet Jade this summer!  She is an amazing and incredibly sweet dog. 

So, one more picture of Jade herding the horses away as Jake opens the gate and Paul manouvers the hay tractor into the paddock!  Wow- you go girl!  We love you Jade!  Jade clearing the gate

WTR Youth Camp - Space Limited, Reserve Your Child's Spot!

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Wilderness Trails is once again excited to offer The WTR Youth Camp for children ages 6 through 17 is being offered June 13-17, June 20-24 and July 18-22.  Monday through Friday the children will enjoy riding, roping, exploring, swimming, tubing and more from 9am to 4pm. 

The ranch will pick children up at Bread, the bakery at East Animas and Florida Road in Durango daily at 8:00 AM and return to Bread at 5:00 PM.  The transportation to and from the ranch is free.  We will provide a great kid friendly ranch lunch and refreshments during the day.  The rodeo will be on Friday and all parents are encouraged to come cheer on the little buckaroos! 

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The cost is $500 per child with a 50% deposit due to confirm your space. 

Class size is limited to 10 children per week.  Space is going quickly, so please call soon to reserve your spot for this amazing summer program.  Did you know WTR is the home of Never-Bored Kids!?  Sign the little ones up and find out why!

We love sharing the ranch with our community and especially all the local children!  Just another fun way to come play at WTR!

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Dude Ranch Vacations - Not Just for Adults, But for Kids, too!

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Who said dude ranch vacations are just for adults?  Not at Wilderness Trails Ranch! Because we know that this is a family getaway, we make it a point that kids should enjoy their stay at our Colorado dude ranch!

Frontier Days are for our Pony Express & Saddle Tramps, whereas older youth, the Posse & Bandits, "Choose their Own Adventures" for the week- from horsebackriding to enjoying their own teen beach party at the lake with waterskiing, tubing and wakeboarding.

Adults on the other hand could join their children, or just enjoy their well-deserved horseback riding vacation knowing their kids & teens are with specially trained counselors, focused on fun filled days in a safe & learning environment.


Astronomy Nights

Take advantage of the most pristine skies in the country!  High altitude, low humidity and being far away from the city lights all combine to bring you views you will not forget!  Learn the basics of astronomy and discover planets, galaxies, nebula and stars through various types of telescopes.

Photography Workshops

Beginning and intermediate level workshops available and taught by Rob Stokes, past guest, friend and now ranch photographer throughout June 2010! 

Beginning level - how to get the most out of your camera, bring your own camera, tripod and accessories.  (tripod and accessories not required but suggested)            

Intermediate level - Nature photography workshop.  Capture spectacular images of wildlife and scenery.

A maximum of six people per workshop is accepted, so please sign up early!  The photography workshops are not included in your all inclusive rate paid, however is a nominal charge.

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