Mesa Verde National Park

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Land of the Ancients

Straddling intersecting local cultures and grounded in farming and ranching, the diverse area of far southwestern Colorado serves as the gateway to the deserts, canyon country and our destination, the captivating, mysterious and breathtaking Mesa Verde.

Mesa Verde is the only National Park dedicated solely to the works of man. These cliff dwellings were mysteriously abandoned by the Anasazi Indians 200 years before Columbus discovered America.  

With Wilderness Trails you have TWO options in how to visit and experience Mesa Verde.

  1. We offer custom single day trips that are just right for a full day to and from either Durango or the ranch which include a step-on guide, lunch, visitor center, museum and guided walking tours.
  2. The second way is on the San Juan Skyway Overland AdvenTour.  Guests on the AdvenTour will spend from one afternoon until the following morning entirely within the National Park, a rare and extraordinary experience. 

On either trip, we'll make our way up an impressive road cut, climbing the side of the largest of the surrounding plateaus gains entrance to the fascinating ancient cultural center and archeology of Mesa Verde National Park home to the early Native American Anasazi people. 

By mid-morning we arrive and start exploring the Chapin Mesa loop.  As you learn more of this fascinating ancient culture and the cliff dwelling structures and society that they constructed and seemingly perfected it’s possible to leave the Park with more questions than you arrived.

For the day tour, you'll have an understanding and adventure that will change the way you see southwest Colorado. 

For the AdvenTour, you'll just be getting started.

Later, as the sun is starting to get low, we make our way over to our resting spot, the Far View Lodge, the only overnight accommodations within the National Park.  After settling in, we meet up for a special regionally influenced dinner, a sunset vista as rare as Mesa Verde and turn in for an unforgettable night at what has to be one of the most unusual and serene spots in the world.

A night of respite at Mesa Verde is like going back in time and when you awake its easy to imagine you are still in a dream.  A relaxing morning in the Park and you may not want to go back to the modern world on the other side of Mesa Verde, the Green Mesa.

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