Specialty Weeks & Events

"Astronomy nights" with Rob Stokes throughout the month of June.

Astronomy nights - Take advantage of some of the most pristine skies in the country! High altitude, low humidity and being far away from city lights all combine to give you views of the night sky that you will not forget! We will start inside the with a 45 minute discussion about the basics of astronomy. This will include information about types of telescopes, other hardware, constellations, basic navigation and details on what will be viewed that night. Then we will venture outside for viewing of planets, galaxies, nebula and stars through various types of telescopes.

"Photography Workshops"
instructor: Rob Stokes, June

Photography workshops are available for beginning and intermediate photographers who want to improve their photographic techniques. Using your own camera, you will be able to capture images of your Ranch Adventure that will last a life time! If you plan to attend it would be helpful to you, to bring your camera's owners manual, tripod and any accessories for your camera.
Beginning level photography - How to get the most out of your camera
Intermediate level photography - Venture up into the mountains to capture spectacular images of both wildlife and scenery as you begin to unlock your cameras potential.


August 29- September 4: Cowgirl Camp

September 26-October 2: Ride the Colors of the Fall and Durango Cowboy Gathering

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