Natural Horsemanship

Horsemanship Ranch Vacations ColoradoAt WTR, we are known for our natural horsemanship abilities and outstanding horses, due to the fact that we are never horsin' around about natural horsemanship!

Join us at WTR for a week of "horse centric" education, fun, and relaxation with professional natural horsemanship.  Fine tune your riding and horse handling skills,... in the most stunning and versatile classroom you can imagine!

We offer private horsemanship lessons for our guests and if we have availability to outside day guests.  Bring your own horse or use a seasoned ranch horse, matched and chosen to your desires and abilities.  Each guest is provided their own carefully selected horse for the week. 

Our wranglers include some of the best horseman in the country who look forward to sharing their expertise and experiences with every WTR guest. 

Focus on applying horsemanship principles to handling cattle and learning the basics of ranch roping. We will use the ranch's herd of yearling cattle in both a corral and range type setting to practice positioning and pressure concepts. Techniques for cutting, penning, range work, roping, and sorting will be taught.

All levels of riders are welcome.

We will do focused work on learning and developing ranch roping techniques.

Beginning ropers will have opportunities to rope in a safe and controlled environment.

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